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Looking to join the NSBE U of T Chapter?

Our members get:

    • Discounts to paid NSBE events within the U of T chapter
    • Automatic sign up for our monthly newsletter
    • Access to the undergraduate scholarship and work opportunities with NSBE affiliated companies
    • Win prizes at the end of the semester for attending NSBE events
    • Access to our mentorship program



Want to be the first to know about our major events? Pre-register here and get reminders and information about events of your choosing (yes! only the one’s you are interested in).



Want to get even more involved with NSBE U of T? Become a leader by signing up to join the executive committee or by joining a committee and leading major events (Think of the resume worthy experiences you’ll get šŸ˜‰ ).

Another benefit is that you can put your involvement as CCR on your transcript. Sign up here and we will get back to you!



Do you feel overwhelmed with school and feel you need guidance on navigating your field of study? Sign up here to get help from people that have gone through similar problems

Our mentor-mentee program gives you:

  • opportunity to develop strategies for dealing with personal issues
  • practical advice, encouragement and support

We have two streams of membership:

  • Mentorship of NSBE U of T members
  • Mentorship of pre-collegiate members



Want to still be kept in the loop about NSBE U of T events even after you graduate? Want to still be involved in our events? We need you!


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